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What is a company

ISR-MUHAFIZE LTD assures a high level competency in all areas of security services.

The security service is provided with technical and special equipment in accordance with legislation. Our services are based on the competency, experience and physical preparedness of our employees.

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Our mission
We aim to provide 1st class service services, tailored to suit our clients needs. Our mission is to be a market leader, to define parameters and to shape the future of security, inline with our vision. To retain and advance our competitive edge in order to protect and enhance our clients experience.
Our mission
Procedure rules

ISR-MUHAFIZE offers clients with premises, or buildings that may be protected by CCTV and/or alarms a well-organised and efficient key holding service. Giving you peace of mind and added security. Whether it´s for locking or unlocking an office or a building or to act as a first emergency response to any accidents or Alarm Activations.

Let ISR-MUHAFIZE respond to your property, business or premises when your security devise has activated.

Whilst we have the responsibilities of locking up and unlocking the premises we will carry out a thorough check for security risks, such as fire risk, accident or possible breach. With prior agreement with the client, we will se the alarm at the end of the day and disable in the morning ready or staff arrival.

 Site security
We offer static Guarding service as one of our core services. Our staffs are trained to high standards.
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 Mobile patrol
Our mobile patrol service is ideal for clients with unoccupied premises including holiday homes and businesses requiring evenings or weekends programmed patrols.
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 VIP Protection
We provide a complete VIP protection & services for clients and their foreign visitors and families.
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 Risk assessment
There is an obligation on every employer to carry out periodic risk assessment affecting all persons within the places of work.
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